Transform your Energy  -Health & Wellness Intensive

This is designed to completely Transform your Energy so you can go beyond your best and do more. Feeling grounded while stretching yourself beyond your comfort zone is the Alchemy that stokes the fire of true Transformation, be that for work or play.

After a thorough review of any Medical History we move off beyond the confines of Western Science, into a true Holistic consideration of YOU. We look at food, movement and pleasure as the key ingredients to true vitality. Carefully bringing your values, goals, mission and actions into full alignment.

Together we wil deepen your self-awareness and fine tune your mindset, serving to connect you deeply to your body, it’s more subtle messages and your limitless energy. This is a lifechanging 3 month journey for those who are ready to dance with whatever life throws their way. Expect increased focus, effortless habit change, and the improvement of chronic issues.

As a registered MD with training in Health Coaching we also have the option to follow specific protocols for various Health conditions. Examples include thyroid Health, gut issues, emotional eating, infertility and so much more… Please enquire for your specific needs. 

Phoenix Rising Coaching

That we are all magical creatures capable of incredible feats is certain… Translating that into real time, authentically expressed joy and success is another matter.

This offering is designed to take you, from wherever you are in the myriad cycles of Death and Rebirth, soaring onwards and upwards. We sculpt your life to align and optimise your thoughts and actions so that you can perform as you were meant to, especially when the stakes are high. 

Whether you are a highly functioning Creative Exec, a DJ or an Architect, I am here to propel you to the next level, and beyond…. Using natural cycles based in the teachings from the Elements, we visit the four corners of your inner landscape so you can emerge with new levels of self mastery.

This is for those who want to push the limits, those who want to align with the Elemental Forces and their True Nature. Those who are opening up to something more than what we have been taught to believe, those in times of powerful transition and those who are ready to truly say YES to receiving all that they know they deserve.

This is a 4 month container, one month per element of Earth, water, Air and Fire, honouring the traditions of indigenous Cultures since time imemorium. Ancient technologies to reawaken your greatest self. Here we bridge the Worlds of the East and the West, weaving the best of both to aid you in your climb upwards.  

Green Alchemy Coaching – Kambo Intensive

Here we combine traditional Life Coaching descirbed above with a powerful Amazonian Medicine, Kambo. Kambo is a cleansing and detoxifying  secretion from a Green Tree Frog. Traditionally used by Hunters in the jungle it is known to increase mental clarity, audio-visual aquity and increase physical stamina. It is also well known for removing ‘panema’, what the tribes believe to be a cloud of negative energy hanging over us. Once this cloud is removed we are re-tuned and back in resonance with the Natural flow of life all around us. Magnetising with ease as we harmoniously re-align with our lighthearted, childlike selves.

Laboratory analysis has shown that this Medicine increases neuroplasticity, making it the perfect addition to any transformative process, literally creating new thought patterns within your mind.

We work with this Medicine 3 times with in this 4 month Coaching Journey.

 The first Kambo session serves to cleanse the physical body and leave behind, with firm intention, that which we are consciously deciding to withdraw our energy from. The next 3 Kambo sessions are monthly throughout the work we do, each time focusing on the lessons from that month. Leaving what no longer serves and reinforcing the gifts we have discoverd through the work.

This is an intiation, in the real sense, something many of us never experienced as we transitioned into our adult lives. This offering marks a moment of soverign reclamation. Of active participation in the creation of all that you dream. As you face new experiences with resolve and fearlessness, watch the magic unfold in your life as a reflection of what you put in.

Do not let geographic location deter you from enquiring about this offering. I a large network of amazing practitioners all over the World I can refer you to.

Sacred Medecine Ceremonies

As I went down the rabbit hole of Alternative Medicine I was honoured to be called to work with various powerful natural substances.  These expanisve and revealing teachers are especially suited to those looking for their powerful catalytic affects and a deeper understanding of the self. The benefits of each individual Medicine will be very specific for each individual and will depend on their intention and what they are truly ready for. 

Having worked with Shamans and Healers from various lineages I have, over time, developed a signature style for administering these distinct and powerful Medicines. I am here not to guide but to facilitate your experience. This is all about you, your relationship to the Medicine and, ultimately, to yourself. I am present as much or as little as you want me to be, ensuring that all your needs around safety, discretion and comfort are met.

This is a completely non-judgemental space where all of you is welcome, in whatever form that arises. A space to release whatever is holding you back. To allow yourself to go there, wheverer that is, with a trained, compassionate and competent presence by your side.

My years in the ER have trained me for all kind of phenomena and I delight in combining these skills with practical Shamanic techniques, bodywork and singing. 

I cater my Ceremonies for those of all Cosmologies and belief systems. All are welcome and I will never impose any dogmatic or religious themes into the Ceremony. This is a co-creation between you and I, where we get to sculpt the experience you want. After that what happens will be up to the Medicine. 

Please note that a session before and after the Ceremony is usually required. This is to set clear intentions for the Ceremony before and to give adequate attention to integration following the experience. It is well known in the Sacred Medicine community that the work begins after the Ceremony. Integration is just as important as the peak experience itself as this is where we get to put into action all that we learnt.

Clear The Dead Weight

 This is a one off session for those with a burning issue that they need to resolve NOW. This one hour deep dive will take you right to the root of the concern where we will closely examine all the facts, fictions and factors influencing your particular situation.

There are times in our life when we need a focused objective viewpoint from someone with your best interests at heart. Sometimes our friends, simply through knowing us, just wont be capable of giving us the feedback we need. 

Each session is very different and any number of tools and techniques will be used to gain the clarity needed to make a final decision on the matter. This could include visualisation, shadow work, meditation, stream of consciousness writing, affirmations.. or a mix of all of them.

Sessions last for 1hour.

Expect aha moments and a clear plan forward.

Retreats & 1-on-1 Day Intensives

I am available to fly Wordlwide for private cleints, Retreats, Conferences and Festivals. 

Creating bespoke experiences for the discerning seeker is always a highly enjoyable process.

Short And Sweet   -2 Week Cleanse

Bloating, indigestion, mood swings, nausea, headaches, brain fog, skin issues, allergies…. Time to cleanse!

Why cleansing? Having been taught nothing about this at Med School I was amazed to learn of the benefits of this gentle & healthful practice used by pretty much every culture on the planet. These range from improved digestion, increased energy, weight loss, cleaner skin, strengthened immune system, improved sleep etc.

It is especially important to cleanse in the modern day where the environmental toxic load is high. Our bodies were simply not designed to contend with endless sugar and processed foods.

After a week of excluding all foods that can lead to symptoms we slowly reintroduce different food groups to see what your body reacts to. This easy and short elimination diet is all wrapped up in an easy to use booklet, with easy and delicious recipes.

This Feel lighter, clear headed and on point!


Dr. Alex Pardhy. MD


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