Psychedelic Preparation & Integration

In the 7 years since I discovered psychedlics a lot has shifted on the International scene. Psychedelics have become the new, hot topic and rightly so! They are incredibly powerful substances that can awaken higher states of consciousness within us.
This can be helpful and very healing…. but it can also be quite overwhelming either during or after the experience.

Having seen many through these experiences there are some common areas that really deserve our attention, both in preparation and afterwards, as integration.

When we intend to reprogramme our deep subconscious it can bring peace of mind to know that you have someone to share your Journey with. 
 These experiences have to power to shake up our whole concept of who we think we are and what we stand for in this World. They are not to be underestimated and command our respect and full presence.
  If used wisely they can add to our lives immensely, but really, the proof is in the pudding. Are you implementing what you were shown? If not, i’m here to help you embody your lessons.
Here’s to your Journey of self discovery.

Phoenix Rising Coaching

That we are all magical creatures capable of incredible feats is certain… Translating that into real time, authentically expressed joy and success is another matter.

This offering is designed to take you, from wherever you are in the myriad cycles of Death and Rebirth, soaring onwards and upwards. We sculpt your life to align and optimise your thoughts and actions so that you can perform as you were meant to, especially when the stakes are high. 

Whether you are a highly functioning Creative Exec, a DJ or an Architect, I am here to propel you to the next level, and beyond…. Using natural cycles based in the teachings from the Elements, we visit the four corners of your inner landscape so you can emerge with new levels of self mastery.

This is for those who want to push the limits, those who want to align with the Elemental Forces and their True Nature. Those who are opening up to something more than what we have been taught to believe, those in times of powerful transition and those who are ready to truly say YES to receiving all that they know they deserve.

This is a 6 month Journey, moving through each element of Earth, water, Air and Fire, honouring the traditions of indigenous Cultures since time immemorial. This is an ancient map to reawaken your greatest self. Here we bridge the Worlds of the East and the West, weaving the best of both to aid you in your upwards flight.  

Awaken the Emperor Coaching

Are you a powerful man in times of transition? You’ve ticked all the boxes of success but something else in you is awakening? An awareness that there is an undefinable ‘more’ than what you have experienced of Life this far… Perhaps you’ve been tapping into unexpected states of consciousness or have a longing to meditate all of a sudden? This is completely normal. As a Species our consciousness is expanding and your next assignment is to diligently follow this impulse to evolve.

 In a rapidly expanding World where mastering emotional intelligence is now seen as important as your monthly returns, it is important to develop mastery in your inner World. Emperors command their Kingdom in a balanced and integrated way. 

Time is not always on our side when we begin the process of awakening to our true selves, especially for the Entrepreneurial man. In between lonely hotel rooms, the pressure of increased responsibility, the public eye, second guessing the motives of those wanting to befriend you, the insidious impact of stress on the body and familial responsibilities, it can seem hard to know where to find time for this important desire in you.

That is why I have created a personalised approach for men like you where we focus on creating more time, vitality and depth in your life.

This is for Men looking to stay on top of their game, while powerfully reconfiguring within. No one man is an Island and the balancing frequency of a strong Woman who will, always, have your back, is an indispensable asset for the awakening Emperor.

Hire Me for a Talk or Workshop

If you like something you’ve read about me on the internet, on a podcast i’ve featured in or a Ceremony i’ve led and you’d like to experience more then please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Talks i’ve given include:
– The Ethical use of Sacred Medicines – Nomade Tulum 2018
– Microdosing Psychedelics – Day Parties & Festivals around London & The UK 2018/2019
– Alternative Medicine talk on Kambo – An amazonian Frog Poison – Anarchapulco Conference 2018.

– And more…

I delight in holding space for all kinds of experiences, be they talks, workshops of Ceremonies

I love to co-create bespoke experiences, so if you have a specific idea for a topic in mind let me know and I am happy to create something specific for your audience.

 I look forward to hearing from you.

Clear The Dead Weight

 This is a one off session for those with a burning issue that they need to resolve NOW. This one hour deep dive will take you right to the root of the concern where we will closely examine all the facts, fictions and factors influencing your particular situation.

There are times in our life when we need a focused objective viewpoint from someone with your best interests at heart. Sometimes our friends, simply through knowing us, just wont be capable of giving us the feedback we need. 

Each session is very different and any number of tools and techniques will be used to gain the clarity needed to make a final decision on the matter. This could include visualisation, shadow work, meditation, stream of consciousness writing, affirmations.. or a mix of all of them.

Sessions last for 1hour.

Expect aha moments and a clear plan forward.

1-on-1 Immersive Experiences 

I am available to fly Worldwide for private clients, Retreats, Conferences and Conscious Festivals. 

Creating unique experiences that offer quantum leaps in mindset, energy and Health is my passion. Please contact me using the form below if you want to explore what that would look like for you.


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