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Sacred Medicine Ceremony
I have completed 2 Kambo ceremonies (of differing  numbers of participants) – one with a total of 8 people and one with only 2 – with the lovely Dr Pardhy.
In both settings, Alex was able to hold space and coordinate for a safe and secure environment for all participating. She very much embodies the care for the tradition and the careful use of this medicine. As such, she makes others (first timers or not) feel held in an ease that is definitely required for this sort of work (especially in urban environments). This allowed us to really go deep.
When chatting with friends that are open to this realm, I am often giving Alex props and recommending her to them. She’s away in Mexico now, but when she’s back I’ll be revisiting for sure.
She’s a megababe goddess with magical powers. Aho!
Jamie McIvor

Marketing, Business Development and Special Projects, Blue Sky Bio

Sacred Medicine Ceremony

I first did a Kambo session with Alex in December last year. My main intentions were to find energy and focus, ‘clear out the cobwebs’ as it were, deal with foggy-headedness and what felt like stagnation and lack of enthusiasm, vision and direction, and a lack of ability to concentrate, short-term memory loss and a shoulder injury I’d had for a year which had caused a lot of pain and weakness. I also had persistent lower back ache, which consistently caused me problems.

The session was pretty intense, I only had 5 points in total, but my purge didn’t look very toxic in comparison to others doing the session with me, but I did have a massive trauma release at the end when I was lying down, while body shaking for what felt like an age but was perhaps only 5mins. Incredibly bad back pain.

By the time the session was over, I already noticed my shoulder wasn’t giving me any grief. I felt really well and the next day I was so unexpectedly energised I went out logging, which I hadn’t been able to do for ages because of my back and shoulder. Work had taken an incredible turn also, I run my own business and this are really coming together, I have so much focus, clarity, vision, everything I had hoped for is coming together and I truly believe Kambo with Alex was the turning point.

Alex is wonderful. Her manner is matter of fact and reassuring, she clearly has a real passion and respect for the frog and everything it can do, and I didn’t want her to stop singing, such a beautiful voice!!

Off to Kambo again next week, but sadly not with Alex as she’s moved to Mexico. You won’t regret choosing Alex to help you with your health and spiritual issues. I hope she’ll be back one day!

Tania Wedin

Founder and Managing Director , Not the Norm Ltd - Natural Alternatives

Transform your Energy – Coaching

Alex’s coaching was a truly life-changing experience for me. Over the course of a few months she helped me to become stronger both mentally and physically. I never thought that it would be possible to enjoy exercise but through the sessions Alex helped it to become something I now look forward to. The systems that we followed were both rigorous and very carefully planned meaning each week I was able to experience real progression. My relationships both personal and work related have become stronger. My confidence has increased and approach to things has definitely evolved; I worry less and figure out ways to just crack on and get on with new projects. For me this work feels like the start of me shaping my life for the future and establishing a deeper connection with both my body and mind. It doesn’t feel like the end now that it’s finished, more the start of a journey that I will carry on exploring and learning for years to come.

I thoroughly recommend working with Alex. This is for anyone that is open to spending some time focusing on their future or making themselves generally happier and stronger.

Tom Lawrence

EDM Events Curator & Installation Artist

Phoenix Rising Coaching
I have been working with Alex for the past four months and just had my last session with her. I have been undergoing a massive shift in my life both personally and professionally. I decided to work with Alex to help me change my lifestyle and create week to week goals for me to reach. Thanks to her guidance I have managed to create a daily structure for myself, a mission statement that I strive to follow daily, and a plan for myself going forward. I have set up a home office to practice energy healing out of, created a company name (Authentic Energy Healing), created pamphlets and business cards for myself, started creating a website and I’m taking on new clients. Alex has helped me get in touch with the elements, with my guides, with my core values. I deeply value the experience I had and the benefits the process has brought me. If you have started making the changes you want but you are struggling to stay consistent or to take the next step can certainly help and I would highly recommend her services

Justin Calderara

Reiki Practitioner, Authentic Energy Healing

Sacred Medicine Ceremony

Alex successfully managed to create both a safe and sacred space for me to experience this most magical of medicines for the first time. The ceremony was deeply spiritual and full of love. Alex literally draws out the magic with her beautiful voice. I felt connected to nature for a moment in time.

The Medicine put me on the path of health and well being. I have not eaten meat since the ceremony, I no longer drink coffee, and rarely drink alcohol too. That was over a year ago, and yet it had such a positive affect on my life. 
If you want to try this medicine but once, try it with Alex without fail!
Gabriella Weekes

Actress and Account Manager

Sacred Medicine Ceremony

About a year ago I was diagnosed with hidradenitis suppurativa, which is long-term painful skin condition that causes abscesses and scarring on the skin.  I was told by numerous doctors that there is no cure for this, and treatment involves long-term antibiotic therapy and surgical removal of the affected skin areas. After doing some research I discovered that the condition is thought to be an autoimmune problem. Six months, five courses of antibiotics, and 3 operations later I was needless to say fairly depressed about the situation. I was also convinced that the repeated courses of antibiotics were actually making the problem worse by lowering my immune system. After hearing good things about Alex’s Kambo ceremonies from friends I decided to seek her help. She suggested a Kambo immune vaccination which involved doing three Kambo sessions in the space of two months increasing the dose each time. After the first session I felt instantly better, and the skin problem didn’t come back until a couple of weeks later. After the second session it didn’t come back at all. After my third session, I never had it since. I am so so grateful to Alex for what she has done for me, after potentially facing a lifetime with a very painful skin condition, I feel like I am back to my old, happy, self! I also noticed other benefits from doing the ceremonies including better sleep and and freedom from fear and negative thought patterns, and I would definitely recommend Alex’s Kambo ceremonies to anyone seeking to improve their emotional or physical state

Bryony Sands

Ecology PhD Student

Sacred Medicine Ceremony
I met Alex in the Autumn of 2015, I was going through a series of Kambo treatments at that time and she had some circles scheduled in my area so i booked in. I found Alex articulate and informed about Kambo medicine, she was attentive and at the same time playful and light hearted, that combination really helped put me at ease since I always have a small amount of anxiety before such ceremonies. The first ceremony went really well and I decided to join another ceremony with Alex a short time later, in the second ceremony I was impressed how Alex had tuned in to my particular needs, sensing it would be useful for me to increase the dose (number of points). At this point I had developed a lot of trust in Alex and so I went with her advice, it turned out to be one of the best Kambo treatments I have received to this point, I will always remember the power of that ceremony and how happy Alex was for my positive outcome.
I have been following Alex on Facebook and now see that she has really developed her singing voice, I would love to sit in another ceremony with her one day and be supported by her healing songs. I think Alex is a really special person, she’s smart, funny and a very courageous woman determined and passionate to follow her own path which clearly calls her to support others in their healing and transformation. I think Alex is someone you can be very honest and trusting with and that is the best basis for doing this type of work, I highly recommend her.
Mark Maybank

Resort Owner - Thailand

Transform your Energy – Coaching

The best aspect of choosing Alex’s coaching has been the authentic “hell yes, this is pure gold” feeling after every single session.
This was thanks to:

Her ability to discern on the spot which route to take, or not, according to my particular needs, concerns or desires expressed in each moment.
Her sharp intuition supported by the evident broad range of knowledge she possesses in a variety of psychological, physical and emotional healing modalities.
Her holistic, practical and versatile approach to well-being.
Alex listens carefully and is naturally perceptive.
I felt supported to find my own self-encouragement.
The power to create positive change was always shown to me in a variety of ways.
And she masterfully holds a highly motivating space of guilt-free, shame-free accountability. 
I could go on and on.

Alex is really just a dream coach. Go for it!

Clara Gomez Santos

Intimacy & Empowerment Guide, Tantrika

Sacred Medicine Ceremony

Kambo! What an extraordinary experience. At moments it felt like absolute madness and the most daftest to thing to choose to do. However later the rewards are absolutely exceptional. And during that tough couple of hours Alex’s guiding calmness made me forget the worst and her after care made me recall the best! Looking forward to the next session.

Hal Couzens

VFX Producer - Making the Impossible Possible



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