Transform your Energy 
-Health & Wellness Intensive

"Banish bad habits and radiate limitless vitality"



Phoenix Rising Coaching

"As within so without. Dive deep into your Elemental nature and embody all that you came here to be"


Green Alchemy Coaching
- Kambo Intensive

Prepare to let go and enter the flow. Clean out, reclaim yourself and move forward fearlessly!



Sacred Medecine Ceremonies

Ancient technologies to optimise and align mind, body and Soul.

Explore yourself in safe hands



Clear The Dead Weight

Find resolution. 1 hour to examine and uproot a core issue that needs addressing now



Retreats & 1-on-1 Day Intensives

Invest in yourself. Self love, pays off! Let's co-create your bespoke healing experience just how you envisioned it



Short And Sweet   
-2 Week Cleanse

Gently cleanse away brain fog, bloating and skin issues. Enhance immunity and improve gut function. Feel light and clear headed. A good place to start for all healthful endeavours!



Dr. Alex Pardhy. MD


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Dr. Alex Pardhy. MD



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