Psychedelic Integration & Preparation

Ancient technologies to optimise and align mind, body and Soul.

Explore yourself in safe hands



Phoenix Rising Coaching

As within so without.

Dive deep into your Elemental nature and embody all that you came here to be


Awaken the Emperor Coaching

Hone your super powers

Be the leader you were born to be 

Build a Legacy



Hire me for a talk, workshop or Ceremony

To date I have delivered talks on wellness, alternative medicines and their Science,  microdosing and more



Clear The Dead Weight

Find resolution. 1 hour to examine and uproot a core issue that needs addressing now



 1-on-1 Immersions

Invest in yourself. Self love, pays off! Let's co-create your bespoke healing experience just how you envisioned it



Dr. Alex Pardhy. MD


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Dr. Alex Pardhy. MD



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