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Having a very well defined ego I always have to remind myself it’s not all about me! Luckily my work, the amazing teachers i’ve had and the Medicines I work with make it easy for me to want to give back. The bigger picture is so present when I work with the gifts from Mother Nature. We are nature and, in case you hadn’t noticed, we have an ecological crisis on our hands. I find that the best thing to do in times of crisis, harking back to my basic Emergecy training, is to decide what is most important and then to take action!

In the context of my work this involves ensuring that the Amazon Jungle is protected. In the last 40 years HALF the Worlds Rainforests have been destroyed, and if this continues, the Kambo Frog too…. I work with this Organisation, an who are getting unprecedented success in protecting the Amazon from further destruction Check them out here:


Supported by Vivienne Westwood and David Attenborough this is the place to donate to if you want to make a real difference with what’s going on. It’s never too late to Donate to and preserve what’s left of the Amazon, her powerful Medicines (many of which we have yet to discover!) and the Tribes people who hold the secrets of how to use them.

The other branch of my Legacy involvees the creation of a Healing Eco Retreat Centre. This is going to be a community and retreat facility where we learn from Indigenous Wisdom Keepers as well as giving back to and protecting their communities. It will receive guests and also be a vibrant home, one of many, in a global movement towards living in harmony with nature while utlilsing the best cutting edge healing techologies.

I also have a strong connection to the World’s Oceans and plan to move into Conservation and restoration work with Reefs and Sharks. Another area close to my heart is the supporting of an Owl Sancutrary I visited in Panama last year. I pland to help them extend their grounds so that the Owls can practice flight & hunting before being released. An animal that has guided me much in my Journey, I look forward to giving back.

Due to the Nature of my work I can sometimes be taken to rural areas to work with Healers for months on end. The path of the Medicine Woman is often varied, random and calls for periods of learning over periods of earning. As such any donations are welcome to fund my ongoing work, travel and education and would be graciously received.

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