Join me being interviewed by The Renegade Pharmacist

Join me being interviewed by The Renegade Pharmacist

Aloha Familia,

Earlier this summer I was interviewed by Renegade Pharmacist Niraj Naik. An inspirational man who cured himself of Ulcerative Colitis using breathwork and Ayurvedic (traditional healing Cosmology of India) teachniques. Once a pharmacist in the UK he now travels the world teaching about Breathwork and other healing practices to large audiences. To see more about what Niraj gets up to check out his website here

For the interview he did with me covering all things from Psychedelics, breathwork and my own journey into Alternative Healing please click here Below the interview you will also find an exclusive article I wrote on the importance of communicating about and advocating psychedelics at this present epoch in time. Enjoy!

After meeting Niraj I myself decided to sign up for his life changing 21 day Breathwork Journey which I completed a month ago. Positive results were diminished appetite, increased energy, reduced appearance of cellulite, more mental focus, increased creativity, calm and a deeper connection to something greater than myself. Highly recommended! If this interests you please check out the course here

As ever, with Love

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Catch me being Interviewed by Free Talk Radio at Anarchapulco Conference

Catch me being Interviewed by Free Talk Radio at Anarchapulco Conference

Join me as I was briefly interviewed as one of the speakers at the Health and Wellness portion of the Voluntaryist Conference Anarchapulco this year.

We talked about my work with Kambo, the Medicinal secretion of the Amazonian Tree Frog.

Catch the talk here:

Skip forward to 1 minute 10seconds to get going!

Hope you enjoy


Join myself and fellow facilitators at legal magic mushroom retreat centre, Mycomeditations, as we are interviewed by Comedian Shane Mauss

Join myself and fellow facilitators at legal magic mushroom retreat centre, Mycomeditations, as we are interviewed by Comedian Shane Mauss

Join us as we discuss all things related to healing and magic mushrooms following the completion of a 7 day legal psilocybin retreat Centre in Jamaica.

Find the podcast link here:

Laughter is Medicine! For more about Shane Mauss visit his website at

Interviewed by Rak Razam for his Podcast ‘In a Perfect World’

Interviewed by Rak Razam for his Podcast ‘In a Perfect World’

Interviewer Rak is a Visionary and thought leader in the realm of Sacred Medicines. He has been documenting the rise and use of Ayahuasca for nearly a decade and has written a number of books on the subject.. Find out more about Rak here…

And get the Podcast Link here:

Manifestation through Joy

Manifestation through Joy

Some days you just gotta explode with the joy….

The surprising twist is that sometimes we’re afraid to let the ecstasy of pure, innocent, unfettered bliss enter in. It’s too terrifying to let go of the grounding weight of hope… of possibility. How ironic that we hold ourselves back from that which we want the most in favour of the possibility of having it, incase we try and fail…

This is the shackles of the human mind, of this incarnate physical form…. but when you see that, when you really GET IT……. and you breathe through it. Let yourself feel the sheer miracle of every moment that you get to ponder and feel anything at all……! Well, then you just can’t help but laugh…

And the wonderful thing, is that you don’t even need a reason to feel the joy. And that it’s actually allowing yourself to feel the joy, for no goddamned good reason at all, that brings all the good shit streaming into your life… understand this and watch the blessings unfold.

So much love to you intrepid seeker
Dare to Dream.
Call it in.
Take Action
And never forget to laugh


The Voice of your Soul

The Voice of your Soul

Sometimes seeing the divine through the daily grind, especially within yourself, can be hard, indeed, nigh on impossible…

Connecting to your inner Avatar, Goddess, Priestess & superpowers.. can seem like a fantasy. Maybe you never connected to superpowers, allowed yourself to daydream into your Greatest expression… It’s too scary, there’s ‘not enough time’, there’s too many other people vying for your attention, you don’t truly believe, at the core of you, that you are capable of Greatness…

Today I felt guided, for myself as much as for you, to say that we are ALL powerful beings. We all have the ability to think, speak and act in accordance with our higher selves, the part of us that knows.. The voice of truth, of deep inner conviction, of divinity.

We all do really know what is right for ourselves, for the other and for the planet… This is inside every single one of us. It is the small voice inside that tugs at your heart, the voice that distresses you as you walk past a homeless person, the voice that moves you to do something that terrifies you because you see that the benefit it will have for those you love, that moves you to comfort a crying stranger, to help an old lady with her shopping… This is the voice of your Soul

Do you let yourself listen to that voice? Does the voice overwhelm you sometimes? Have you become hardened to the voice due to the repeated trauma of witnessing the modern day and age? You’re not alone. And today I’m here to remind you to prise your heart open again. A closed heart cannot act in accordance with this voice… and that is the end of your journey to true fulfilment.

Do whatever it takes to stay open to the voice, even if it causes pain, vulnerability and tears. This is the path of the the Warrior, your inner . To really feel takes great courage. Stay open, stay strong, stay connected to yourself. Be love. Even if that love is fierce. These times call for greater audacity, strength and focus. Find your tribe, buckle up and feel it all.