Who am I?

I am a Woman who’s passionate about feeling Passionate.

I know what it’s like to tick all the boxes of a successful life and still feel like something’s missing deep inside. And to feel that way for what seemed like a Lifetime… So when I finally figured out how to walk the tricky road from frustration to true authentic expression, I knew I had to share it…

It is my pleasure, and Life’s Work, to support those who are ready to step into their full Power. Using a bespoke blend of Shamanism, Science and Shadow Work, we gently yet insistently release all the habits that keep you from achieving your highest potential, so you can move forwards feeling more resilient, powerful and effective, especially when the stakes are high. Real time results for you and your Dreams, now. There’s not time to waste with your precious Life.

 I am on the Healers Path

Discovering the Shamanic Arts, and the depth of Transformation possible with these Methods, I gladly spent the last 6 years deep in the rabbit hole of Alternative Healing. I have trained in many Healing Arts including; Shadow Work, Acupuncture, Health Coaching, Tantric Energy work and so much more… My present offering is a blend of all these Teachings with my unique twist. Having been a Medic and hard core Atheist until my late 20s, I have flipped to the other side and now see everything as Sacred and interconnected. Honouring my Scientific background allows me to work closely with both those on the Spiritual Path and with those who are 100% rationally minded. “Woo-woo” or absolutely straight down the line, it really doesn’t matter. The most important thing is that a person is ready to change. Only then can your dreams begin to take form. Being a Medicine Woman means that I meet a person where they are at, holding them in a space of loving non-judgement until their light can do nothing else but shine as brightly as it was meant to. I see each person as an ember, one I will gently coax until the flame burns bright.

I am an agent of Change

I fiercely believe that people can change. My own transformation has blown me, and many of my friends and family, away. It really IS possible to change. This knowledge has filled me with an irresistible desire to assist others in implementing the big changes they are ready to make. Relationships, Career, Creativity, Money… it makes no difference, they’re all connected, and ALL can be improved and refined, no matter the starting point. I see each individual’s joy and achievements as the microcosm of the greater web of life on Earth now. With each optimised Client the capacity to dedicate their energy to their Legacy and wider Community increases, and with this, the healing and evolution of humanity and the Planet. 

I am a Medical Doctor

Having known conventional success as a young Medical Doctor I now delight in taking people on the Journey to a different kind of Success. The Success of waking up every day full of energy, good vibes and a life that is in FULL alignment with your core values. I mean, really, what more is there to Life than this… Knowing your purpose and being on track to make big waves in your chosen arena. 4 years in the ER has equipped me with a tenacious resolve and a specific skills set. Having performed Surgery on the human body I have traded in my scalpel for honed Coaching techniques, designed to find your Core limitations and pull them out from the root. I am here to see you in your prime, oozing vibrant energy from every cell of your body, kicking ass on all fronts. When you have released the deadweight and have the support, stretch and accountability that you need, the only way, truly, is up.

Know Thyself

I am never fully satisfied until I feel I understand the issue from every angle. As an Academic we are taught critical thinking, as a Coach; open questioning and as an Empathic human being; I am just fascinated by YOU. I am enraptured by the human condition, what makes us tick, and most importantly, what really matters beneath the day to day personalities we present. When we get down to it, what makes you smile with your whole being, what makes you cry, what annoys the hell out of you? WHO ARE YOU? Years of relentless self-enquiry have perfectly set me up to better know you. I will never give up on getting to know myself, coming to a place of deeper self LOVE, and because of that, I will never give up on you and getting you exactly what you want.

Humour as Medicine

All this personal development can be pretty intense right? And yes, every Neo-Spiritual-I only wear white-never party-can’t take a joke-Healer out there annoys the hell out of me as much as they do you. So, YES, I will always find a way to remind you not to take yourself too seriously. That is my Promise. The risk of the puritanical hard lined, ‘all or nothing’ mentality, is that it makes us rigid. Rigid in our bodies, minds and hearts. If we can’t laugh at ourselves, admit we were wrong, or eat a piece of humble pie, then the onward journey isn’t going to be half as fruitful, or half much fun as it could be.

My Story

Truly, my journey into Healing began before I was born…It has been in my DNA on both sides for many years.. but my own personal healing journey began the day my father died suddenly in a car accident.

I was 5 years old. With my mother struggling to cope, life suddenly became a very confusing and unpredictable place. My confusion lead to fear and anger. Why had my daddy left me? And this anger to doubt.. Was it something I had done? This confusion stuck with me throughout my early school life and I know now that I was living with high functioning anxiety.

I loved to challenge authority, pushing all potential father figures to desert me, re-enforcing my childhood experiences. I was always in trouble.

One term I was in detention every week… Despite that my grades were always good and the School was reluctant to expel me, I looked too good on their league tables. Somehow academia became my one way of retaliating, a big middle finger to the establishment, to let everyone know I would do just fine, despite what they thought of me…. I could always rely on passing Exams. It became my one constant despite the turmoil inside.

Yes, I was a very angry young Lady and I would show everyone I was fine on my own.

My father had been a Doctor, and his father and his father’s father.. My mother always found it too painful to talk about him. As a result I developed a yearning to connect with him, the memory of him, in some way. To bring him alive.

When it came to applying to University it just popped into my head, the idea of being a Doctor. It was as if some strong energetic baton was being passed to me from my paternal lineage. I didn’t even consider what being a Doctor really entailed. I did the bare minimum in work experience, applied, and got in. I can truly say I never honestly took on board what I was getting into with Medicine. It just, well, happened.

I partied a lot at Med School, again passing but never really engaging in the process. Needless to say when I was ejected out the other side as a Doctor I was actually not very impressed. Having never truly embraced it, I now resented all the responsibility and impositions on my freedom. Then my dear step-father was diagnosed with terminal bowel cancer in my first Junior Doctor job. He died just as I finished my last… Seeing my step-father suffering with the chemo and its side effects had deeply challenged my desires to be a Cancer Specialist.

At that stage, in 2012, I was deeply unhappy with no desire to enter into any specific Speciality, let alone surround myself with Cancer all day long. It was time for a year off. I knew I had to get off the treadmill for my own sanity.

My friend and I arrived in Mexico just as the end of the Mayan Calendar was approaching. Then, on the night of the full moon before that Christmas I met some Argentinians who invited me to drink Ayahuasca with them… Just on time Grandmother Ayahuasca was there to show me the way. She took me where I needed to go. I worked with her deeply for a few months.

I left the Jungle the beginnings of a Sovereign Woman. A woman willing to take responsibility for herself. A woman with a lot of apologies to make. A woman with a lot of joy to live. A Woman who knew 100% that she didn’t want to be a Doctor. A Woman with a sudden very strong, and seemingly irrational desire, to start a Healing Eco-Retreat Centre.

I returned to London. Ayahuasca had shown me what it felt to be connected to my heart. To my gut. To my intuition. This was my new compass. I vowed to say good bye to linear time. All this doing things by X time and having to fit into conventional milestones was weighing down my creativity and natural flow.

I happily said goodbye, releasing my intentions into the fire. I earnestly submitted myself to my higher guidance on a daily basis after meditation.

I entered the flow of life for the first time. I was lead to Kambo, a powerful Frog Medicine from the Amazon, that I now work with.


The plants also called me and lead me to Hawaii where I met my first Mentor. With him I experienced the benefits of being coached, of how accountability, support and stretch can really take you to the next level.

Having always relished the deeper conversations with my patients as  an ER Doctor, I had resented being unable to spend more time with them. Suddenly it clicked ….. Coaching was for me! Here I could take the time and space needed to support an individual’s healing on a physical, mental and sometimes spiritual level. The depth of healing that I had needed to truly reclaim myself. True Holistic Alchemy.

And, like this, Alchemy with Alex was born..

It is my gift back to Mother Earth. To assist others in remembering their vibrant, present and joyful selves.

Now, in this lifetime. No matter how far you’ve strayed from your Truth,
we all have the ability to start afresh and reclaim our joy. Or to move off from a wonderful place to something even better.

I have been the “successful” young Woman ticking all the boxes of a good life and still feeling hollow inside. That doesn’t have to be you.

It is with a humble and grateful heart that I continue learning what it means to be a Medicine Woman.


  • MBChB Medicine 2004-2010. Leeds University, England 
  • ER Doctor London & Bristol. 4 years. Until 2017
  • BA in Biomedical Ethics 2008. Leeds University – 2:1 Achieved
  • Member of the Royal College of Surgeons (RCS)  – Part A Exam Passed – 2012
  • Health Coach Training – Health Coach Institute 2016.
  • MOE Foundation – Life Coach Training – Spring 2017
  • Kambo Practitioner Training with The International Association of Kambo Practitioners (IAKP) – Portugal 2015 – Practitioner for 4 years. 2015-2019.
  • 300+ Ceremonies. 
  • Life Coach – Focused on facilitating awakening in high level business leaders. 2017 to present.
  • Co-Lead Facilitator @ Synthesis – Legal Psilocybin Retreat Centre in the Netherlands. Early 2019.
  • Shadow Work  Basic Facilitator Training – Summer 2016
  • Tantric Massage Therapist Training with Somananda 2015 Estonia
  • Western Medical Acupuncture – British Medical Acuncture Society – London 2016
  • Initiated into the 9 Rites of the Munay-Ki – Peruvian Shamanic Lineage 2019.
  • Priestess of the Legions of Light  Graduate of The Priestess Path with Beth Leone – 2017
  • Tropical Medicinal Herbs and Wildcrafting 3 Month Apprenticeship with my Mentor David Bruce Leonard at the Earth Medicine Institute, Maui. 2016.
  • ISTA Levels 1&2 with the International School of Temple Arts – Sexual, Shamanic, Spiritual Training – Sweden/Hawaii 2015 & 2016 respectively.
  • Non-Violent Communication – Level 1
  • Reiki Level 1 Attuned


Alex is an ER Physician gone Native… Finally leaving her Medical Career of 6 years behind her, she now follows her highest excitement as a Sacred Medicine Facilitator, Life Coach and Energy Worker. Bridging the Worlds of Science and Shamanism, she delights in incorporating Shadow work and Shamanic Techniques into her Practice.

On the Alternative Healers path for 5 years, Alex is newly emerged from time spent in the Southern Mexican Mountains, learning from the Mushroom Shamans there. She is now back into the thick of Coaching Clients and Kambo Circles in Tulum, South Mexico where she lives.

Plans to further her teachings in the Sacred Medicines of Mexico, keep

her based in this vibrant Country that she has chosen to call her home.

The Lifetime mission of setting up a Community based in the preservation of Indigenous Wisdoms and the Healing Arts, is high on her list of priorities. She is currently designing conservation/awareness projects based around Native Mexican Mushrooms (magical variety) to optimize their sustainable, safe and ethical use.

She recently featured on the podcast, ‘In a Perfect World’, with Experiential Journalist Rak Razam and also gave a talk on “Kambo and the Human Energy Body” at the Health and Wellness Section of the 4th Anarchapulco Conference in Feb 2018.



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