Some days you just gotta explode with the joy….

The surprising twist is that sometimes we’re afraid to let the ecstasy of pure, innocent, unfettered bliss enter in. It’s too terrifying to let go of the grounding weight of hope… of possibility. How ironic that we hold ourselves back from that which we want the most in favour of the possibility of having it, incase we try and fail…

This is the shackles of the human mind, of this incarnate physical form…. but when you see that, when you really GET IT……. and you breathe through it. Let yourself feel the sheer miracle of every moment that you get to ponder and feel anything at all……! Well, then you just can’t help but laugh…

And the wonderful thing, is that you don’t even need a reason to feel the joy. And that it’s actually allowing yourself to feel the joy, for no goddamned good reason at all, that brings all the good shit streaming into your life… understand this and watch the blessings unfold.

So much love to you intrepid seeker
Dare to Dream.
Call it in.
Take Action
And never forget to laugh